It’s You I Like (mp3 download)




I can’t imagine anyone else on television whom children have better related with and responded to than Mister Rogers. He always made us feel important and special, and safe. He was also a die hard supporter of the arts and educational television for children. Mr. Rogers was a Presbyterian minister and accomplished musician and pianist. He wrote all of the songs on the show, and always had a song or a special message for kids for just about every topic imaginable, including hard ones like divorce and death.

As a child, I remember watching his show on TV and really believing that he actually thought that I, little Daniel, was special, and that he really liked me just the way I was, and that I made the day special, just by my being me. Who can do that these days?  When I learned that he was also a musician and actually wrote the songs that he sang, I was hooked.

Every penny earned from these sales will go directly to support Fred Rogers Productions, the folks that not only brought us Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for 50 years, but also has brought 21st century children great shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (my personal favorite character growing up!), Peg + Cat, Odd Squad, and Through the Woods.  Learn more about them at, and see how you can help ensure good quality children’s public television for years to come.


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