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Hey everybody, welcome to the podcast. This is a show about Creators and their Stories, as told by a wealth of musicians, songwriters, artists, authors, photographers and the like. Please subscribe where ever you get your podcasts, and enjoy! Oh, and if you like what you hear, won’t you leave me a review? Either on your Podcast app or on Podchaser (link below). Thanks for listening!

Podchaser - Flies in the Kitchen

Episode 01: Kelly Zullo

Kelly Zullo and I don’t go way back, but we go far enough for Columbus. We talk about her time in Nashville, to Chicago, How she got to Ohio, all from the comfort of her RV. Great Conversation.

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Welcome to Flies in the Kitchen!

Welcome to the podcast! I hope you’ll subscribe and follow along. This is an introduction of the nature of this show and includes a preview of Episode 1.

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