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Hey everybody, welcome to the podcast. This is a show about Creators and their Stories, as told by a wealth of musicians, songwriters, artists, authors, photographers and the like. Please subscribe where ever you get your podcasts, and enjoy! Oh, and if you like what you hear, won’t you leave me a review? Either on your Podcast app or on Podchaser (link below). Thanks for listening!

Podchaser - Flies in the Kitchen

Episode 21: TJ George

TJ George has something big happening, and he can’t wait to share it with the world. We had a great chat in my living room about it and a bunch of other great things.

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Episode 20: James Houston

My old karate Sensei James Houston is a well versed Martial Artist, a stunt coordinator, actor and producer, for television and film, and a hero in his little hometown of Floyd Virginia. At least I like to think he is.

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Elemental Series, Episode 04: Gratitude

For the fourth and final episode of my brief ‘Elemental’ series, I’m talking a little about gratitude, and what that looks like from the perspective of one guy (me) whose friend died the morning of recording, from being hit by a truck while running.

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Episode 19: Barbie Angell

Barbie Angell and I chat about a lot of beautiful things, like art, poetry, music, authenticity, and currency, as well as some very real and painful truths about emotional and sexual assault. Listener Discretion Advised.

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Episode 18: David LaMotte

Peacemonger, World Changer and Songslinger David LaMotte and I chat about Community, Art, Vulnerability, Hope, and the role music plays in all of that. Enriching talk. Listen, won’t ya?

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Episode 17: Ian Ridenhour

Ian Ridenhour has been playing music professionally for 14 years. He is a madly talented and has an ear for putting the human psyche to music. He’s good at it. Real good. And he’s not old enough to buy beer yet.

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Episode 16: Chuck Brodsky

Chuck Brodsky, at the age of 21, decided to follow his passion to be a songwriter who tell stories that matter. He thumbed a ride from Philadelphia to San Francisco and the rest, as they say, is His Story.

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Episode 14: Jeromy Laux

A great conversation with Photographer Jeromy Laux, about empathy, compassion, and why shooting with film is so great.

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Episode 12: Wyze

Wyze is an insanely gifted Visual Creator, using photography and video to tell stories, draw out emotion and change the world.

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Episode 11: Anderson Cowan

Anderson Cowan is a podcaster and filmmaker from LA with a bunch of short films, and has just completed his first full length feature film. Great chat!

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Episode 10 (Part 2): Ron Freeman

This is Part Two of my conversation with Ron Freeman (in case the title didn’t give it away).  If you’ve not listened to Part 1, How about checking that one out first?

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Episode 09: Joey Hendrickson

Joey Hendrickson and I sit down and chat about a lot of things, his non-profits, songwriting, and his tragic tales of love lost. Great talk.

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